How We Gather

What's Next


After years of listening to, and wanting to serve, the emerging landscape of spiritual community innovation, we are now beginning to build. Our vision is to create an intensive formation experience that is a 21st-century functional analogue to a novitiate. That is, a high-commitment, long-term, theologically-rebundling experience that helps us become the people we are called to be.

We are excited to be building upon a vision that’s come out of our relationships with innovative community leaders, religious institutional leaders, our elder matching pilot, and the call to create something that enables individuals to build relationships of belonging and becoming.  


During this design and iteration phase, you can expect us to:

  • Launch and test a beta version of the novitiate project.
  • Lay the groundwork for a spiritual innovation lab.
  • Expand the racial diversity of our leadership team.

We look forward to sharing the fruits of these efforts in the coming months!