How We Gather



How We gather

How We Gather maps the emerging landscape of Millennial communities that are fulfilling the functions that religious congregations used to fill. Grounded in six recurring themes - community, personal transformation, social transformation, purpose-finding, creativity, and accountability - this report has been called the most important non-theological text being read in seminaries today.


Something more

Something More builds on the analysis of How We Gather but looks at new communities at the edge of religious traditions, namely those still claiming an affiliation. Most straddle the desire for authenticity and depth with a very different model of gathering to their denominational or faith congregations. 



Written especially for denominational leaders across traditions, Faithful considers the stark and destabilizing tensions between improving existing models of congregational ministry and re-organizing around emerging leaders and models of religious life. It illustrates the need to come alongside innovators to offer the gifts of tradition and the resources of institutions.


december gathering

This piece shares the insights from one of our gatherings hosted at Harvard Divinity School. It tells the story of the emerging religious landscape becoming aware of itself as a movement, and leaders in that landscape realizing the profound value of connecting to one another. December Gathering explores how these diverse leaders connect through purpose, aspiration, and a deep desire for spiritual leadership formation by transcending traditional silos like “secular” and “religious”.


Care of souls

Care of Souls is our capstone report, bringing together four years of research and practice to illustrate seven necessary innovative community leadership roles for this moment. The Gatherer, Healer, Venturer, Elder, Steward, Seer and Maker all unbundle and remix the religious traditions previously seen as separate and invite the reader to live into new categories of religious life.